Rediscover the pleasure of reading books!

It’s a pleasure to know that books are now available in digital formats. From schools to public libraries, everybody is adapting to the modern technology to deliver knowledge to home, or right where you are. It’s really refreshing to know that now, you can carry hundreds of books in your pocket, open them, and shelve them whenever you want, and can keep them undamaged for years. Hard-core book lovers couldn’t ask for more!
No methodology, not even eBook is immune to failure if not armed with correct apps and formats to make it work. Well, that’s exactly what we do when our clients come to us for eBooks. DORADOART creates formats and apps for eBooks to introduce you to an interactive and enthralling way of consuming knowledge.
EBooks liberate you from bizarre stacks of training documents, irrelevant materials, and wastage of time. We never start without preparation. So prior to designing, we determine the format that best suits your training goals. In order to help you acquire maximum knowledge, think critically for innovative solutions, and empower you with ease, we believe in creating something unique and smarter for you.
DORADOART’s products are based on strategies that work best, and techniques that train your brain successfully. We have always been passionate about learning and success. Only growth-oriented and effective training programs can motivate you to bring your best, we know! Equipped with effective visuals and engaging content, our eBook is truly the book reimagined.