Mobile Learning

Get on board to discover a faster, smarter and sharper you!

Not many things you can predict in life, and there is no doubt that surprises make life even more interesting. Education, a few years ago, was all about blackboards, desks, notebooks, and four-walled classrooms. Who could think beyond that? And then one day, arrived mobile devices. People now, study, take exams and hold meetings with mentors and peers from across the planet on mobile. They have the entire world of education in the palm of their hands. Thanks to mobile learning!


Doradoart believes that technology alone cannot change your life. You need right methodology and appropriate application if you want to stimulate and train the human mind. Access to information has become much faster and smarter with mobile devices. This new technology has given us the privilege of learning anything, anywhere and anytime we want. The best part of mobile learning is it fits various learning styles. The learner has the liberty to improve his knowledge through reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts or simply doing some research work on the web.

We are a proud team of talented designers, brilliant developers, and hardworking researchers, who insist that we can do all this and much more in the era of mobile learning. So, our aim is to build these things engrossing enough to enhance your cognitive processes. Apart from gaining a precise knowledge, you can improve your reasoning, calculation, visual retention, and attention through mobile learning. We work hard to help you get everything with an exciting set of artistic effects!