Transforming viewing and learning through fun and technology!

Apart from bringing out our inner child, animations can help boosting brain activities to a large extent. In 2D animation, you get to see the magic in a two-dimensional artistic space, while 3D comes with volume, where you get a sphere that can turn 360 degrees. DORADOART designs products combining creativity and technological skills to turn these artistic spaces to treasure troves of knowledge.

Often referred to as traditional animation, 2D animation can impart knowledge to the students and career-related information to your workers through the creation of interesting characters, storyboards, activities, and backgrounds. In 3D, you, of course, get to see all this but in a format that is closer to reality introducing some new ways to experience animation. Although many people think that use of animation can be distractive, the truth is it’s a powerful tool for designing an interactive and engaging training program.

If you are dealing with complex information or serious subject matters, the animation could be a wise option. It has the capacity of conveying information with fun elements keeping the atmosphere light-hearted. From bitmap to Adobe Photoshop, there is an array of options for 2D animations these days that allow you to design great content in 2D formats at an affordable rate. For 3D content, you have Autodesk Maya and 3Ds MAX that are transforming viewing experience all across the world.

Join DORADOART to see how we are using the technology to embrace the power of new age learning. Our aim is not only to provide you specific knowledge but to design solutions that are smarter and helps broaden one’s thinking capacity. We all, at DORADOART, are continually exploring new ideas, content, applications, and designs to make you mentally agile and a better performer.