We design courses to empower the learners. So, we offer

• Comprehensive and conversant courses for better learner retention.
• Carefully designed assessments for custom learning.
• Unique and insightful solutions for Multiplatform eLearning systems.
• Multi-field solutions for better management of data tracking and testing.
• Well-researched development processes for insightful and user-friendly training programs.

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Learn in comfort and end in prosperity!

Every client has different learning goals and work principles. So, DORADOART adapts to your style to design a training program that suits you best and addresses all your business needs. Our aim is to help you attain improved sales and better revenue. With us, learners acquire skills to become an expert. Conveniently and efficiently!

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Call us doers! We infuse our artistic skills in learning to make it impactful and convenient. Join us to overcome all training challenges. Welcome to bespoke eLearning solutions. Welcome to DORADOART!

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About Us

We have entered a whole new era of innovation, education, and communication. It’s evolving at a rapid rate. Success has become complex and so has the learning how to succeed. So we, at Doradoart, have always stayed informed, passionate and intuitive. In September 2015, we began our journey with K-12 projects. Our bunch of enthusiastic and efficient designers and developers created these projects for various schools and institutes. Our clients were fascinated. Their overwhelming response inspired us to create more wonders in digital learning. So today, including K-12 courses, DORADOART professionals design animation videos, mobile applications, and online courses for our clients in India and from across the world. Collaborate and experience a whole new world of instructions, designs, and aids in digital media.

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Our Mission

Learn. Transform. Prosper.
These three words define us and what we do. We, at Doradoart, believe that learning continually, no matter how experienced you are, is the only way to stay ahead. From K-12 projects to tailor-made eLearning courses, we have come a long way. Our aim, however, has always been the same. We work to delight our customers. A heady mix of knowledge and innovation in everything we create ensures you attain something extra beyond the usual benefits from this transformational journey. We have built ourselves to handle any work pressure, design exactly what you need to help you get what you wish for. Our success lies in your prosperity.


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K-12 Solutions

There are reasons why the demand for technology-enabled education is growing at a rapid rate. The innovations have made learning far more engaging and relevant eliminating boredom and wastage of time. Today, education and technology are intricately linked, and K-12 learning is just another great example of this incredible collaboration. It’s a learning solution that is making education simpler and smarter for the young learners. With years of experience in creating K-12 content for kindergarten to grade 12, DORADOART professionals are capable of resolving all critical and technological challenges in this area.

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Animation 2D & 3D

Apart from bringing out our inner child, animations can help boosting brain activities to a large extent. In 2D animation, you get to see the magic in a two-dimensional artistic space, while 3D comes with volume, where you get a sphere that can turn 360 degrees. DORADOART designs products combining creativity and technological skills to turn these artistic spaces to treasure troves of knowledge.

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Android Apps

Apps are amazing because they are simplifying your life. Android apps are everywhere. They are extremely popular; solving puzzles, changing user-experience, and lifestyles worldwide. A few years ago, people had no clue that someday technology would be introducing game-changing techniques every hour for an improved life. DORADOART has collaborated with some amazing designers, developers, and thinkers to create an outstanding experience for you on this platform. .....Read More

iOS Apps

Reshaping and redefining the future of technology, Apple’s App Store has been the most popular and reliable place for unique and competent apps. From running a business to learning grammar, everything has become easier with apps. The best thinkers, designers, and developers are coming together to make sure that you get tips, tricks, and pleasure on time and right away. .....Read More

Multi-Platform Apps

Yes, cross-platform mobile app market exists and it’s growing rapidly. Although most of the people sort of are more comfortable with iOS and Android when thinking mobile software development, there are some other players too entering the market and satisfying a huge number of users every year. If you are planning to create apps and can afford to think different, DORADOART can serve you with high-quality services and infrastructure to turn your ideas into reality. .....Read More